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  • Black-necked Stilt, Palo Alto Baylands
    Nikon D3, 600f/4 + TC1.7, ISO 800

  • By Dave Ryan, February, 2006

    How big is my photo, or how big can I make it? Sounds like a simple enough question, but it’s among the most frequently asked questions by those new to digital imaging. And when the answer starts coming in terms of megapixels, megabytes and pixels per inch(ppi) it can leave the newcomer wondering why it all has to be so complicated.

  • by Mike Russell, exclusive to nikondigital.org, March 2006

    Curves are the most powerful way to alter the values of an image.  Most image editing programs, including Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, and Picture Window Pro support curves.  In this article, I'll cover the basics of curves. Then I'd like to show you some things you can do with curves that will improve your images.

  • by James Cavanaugh for nikondigital.org, March 2006

    Copyright law in the United States grants copyright to the creator (photographer, illustrator, writer, artist, etc.) at the moment of creation. Under the Copyright law’s intent, full legal protection is also granted at that moment. However, the law’s intent and the realities of the legal system leave creators without any real protection unless they take the additional step of registering their work with the United States Copyright Office.

  • Nikon D2X: Two Cameras in One

    $5,000 is a lot to spend for a camera. Sure, it's what I paid for my first D1 and for my first D1X, but aren't prices supposed to be coming down? So it was with some trepidation that I decided to go ahead and sell one of my D2Hs and purchase one of the first Nikon D2X units. That is a lot of image sales.