Making fine-tuning your autofocus a cinch with Datacolor’s SpyderLensCal

Before using the LensCal, I found tweaking the AF on my camera & lens combos (by setting the camera to adjust its AF +/- for each lens in its fine tuning menu) such a hassle that I usually just sent suspect lenses back to Nikon for calibration. That’s expensive and time consuming, so I decided to give the LensCal a try. We used it on both of my recent Texas trips and Alaska trips, with great results. Several participants found at least one lens combo that needed tweaking, and the ones that didn’t gained some extra confidence that their AF was focusing properly. I was excited enough to write an article for Datacolor on the topic, where you can learn how to do it yourself!.

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Cameras which support AF fine-tuning

Datacolor has released a helpful list of which cameras support AF fine-tuning:

SpyderLensCal can help you check the focus on any camera+lens combo, but if you're camera supports fine-tuning you can actually adjust it to be spot on.

--David Cardinal Cardinal Photo

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