Thinking about going LED? This book tells you what you need to know

Lighting is crucial for photographers. That isn’t true just for our photographs, it’s also true for our studios and every location where we work on or look at images. Until recently, more light has also meant more power – and more cost. With the recent awareness of the impact power consumption is having on our environment, and climbing power prices, alternative lighting technologies have come to the fore. CFLs have been flogged as a great idea for the cost-conscious, but they suffer from mediocre light quality, anathema to photographers.


Fortunately LED technology is coming of age. Capable of producing crisp light for tens of thousands of hours, LED lamps can be produced to almost any spec and emit just about any color. However, they’re far from cheap, and evolving quickly. It’s hard to know where to start when considering a move to LEDs for your studio or your home.

LED Lighting, a new eBook by Sal Cangeloso – my tireless editor at, will help you learn what you need to know about going LED, and provide a quick course in how LEDs work and how they’re likely to evolve. It’s a quick read (either in Kindle format or paperback) and well worth the investment in time and a few bucks before you start dropping the hundreds it’ll ultimately cost you to change the way you light your life.