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Canon: serious fire sale on Canon EOS-M Mirrorless

Canon EOS-M Mirrorless Digital Camera with EF-M 22mm f/2 STM Lens - BlackWhile it can’t be a good sign as far as market acceptance of the groundbreaking Canon EOS-M mirrorless camera, it is certainly an amazing purchase value for consumers.

New Photoshop Creative Cloud: Should you upgrade?

photoshop_700_400Adobe is making life difficult for we loyal Photoshop users by forcing a change in business model on us – whether we like it or not. If you haven’t already started shelling out the $500+ per year for the full Creative Cloud experience, because you mostly just use Photoshop, now you get to decide whether to spend $240/year to keep up with Adobe’s enhancements. Adobe says it will no longer update the Creative Suite version of Photoshop – except for limited additional raw file support for new cameras. Of course, there is no guarantee of the specific upgrades and enhancements Adobe will be adding, so it wants us to take a leap of faith that it is worth what most of us paid for each Photoshop upgrade every 18 month (or 36 months for those who routinely skipped a version) every 10 months – and not get any permanent rights to the product. So if we stop paying, we lose our right to use Photoshop. Read more »

Looking at the future of cameras & photography

I’m not going to pretend that I have a crystal ball, but I do spend a lot of time thinking about trends in the market for cameras and in photo technology. I was lucky enough to be able to share my thoughts with a group of imaging industry folks and Stanford faculty and students as part of Stanford’s SCIEN program. The video of the talk is only available to their corporate sponsors, but for those who’d like to get the highlights, here are the slides I used.

Sony NEX-6: King of the mirrorless cameras?

Sony Alpha NEX-6 Mirrorless Digital Camera with 16-50mm Zoom Lens (Black)Mirrorless is one of the fastest growing segments of the camera industry. While DSLRs and point and shoots have begun to lose their luster, these mid-size, mid-range alternative cameras have a growing fan base. Among mirrorless cameras, Sony has taken something of a high-road, with a relatively large APS-C sensor. Combined with state of the art features, that has made Sony’s NEX family market leaders. I’ve spent the last few weeks shooting with the newest, and most feature-rich, of the cameras, the Sony NEX-6 and wanted to pass along my thoughts… Read more »

Mirrorless action: Sony NEX-6 delivers

pl_centralparknyc_0001As part of my long term “road test” of the new Sony NEX-6, I took it with me on a walk through New York’s Central Park over Memorial Day weekend. As before, it fit perfectly in my ThinkTank Mirrorless Mover 30i, along with a Sony 18-200mm lens in addition to the 16-50mm “kit” lens, my tablet, and a few other accessories. But the real question would be whether this lightweight rig would measure up to the task of capturing the action… Read more »