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George Orwell’s House: The Ultimate Future B&B

Former home of the British Club in Katha, setting for much of George Orwell's novel, Burmese DaysTucked away in a corner of Myanmar (Burma) away from most tourists is the once sleepy town of Katha. Famous mostly in the West as where George Orwell was last stationed in Burma, and in the literary world as the setting for his novel, Burmese Days, the town is now something of a trading hub on the Irrawaddy River. Somewhat lost in the town’s growth are the house in which Orwell lived, and the home of the British Club – center of social life during the Colonial period and central to the novel. Read more »

February 6th Talk at BABP in Palo Alto on ‘Creating Award-winning Photography’

I’m pleased to be returning to one of my favorite local photo clubs, the Bay Area Bird Photographers, next week. I’ll be giving a presentation (which I first gave at B&H in New York last October) on Creating Award-winning Photography – with a focus on wildlife and bird photography. If you enter contests, or have thought about it, there will be plenty of advice. Even if you just shoot for yourself, there will be lots of pointers to help improve the quality of images you capture. Read more »

Using HDR for texture

_djc9628hHigh dynamic range (HDR) images aren’t just for extreme lighting conditions and special effects. They can be used to provide more depth and texture to an image than is possible with a single shot. These statues of daemons lining the bridge approach to the South Gate of Angkor Thom in Cambodia show a good example. By the time they are lit (with side light from the southeast in the morning in this case) the light is a little hard and wouldn’t have shown detail in the rocks. Read more »

Nikon bolsters DSLR line with D5200, ups its game in Mirrorless with Nikon 1 S1 and Nikon 1 J3 models

Nikon D5200 Digital SLR Camera (Body Only, Black)This being CES week, there is no shortage of new camera announcements. Nikon finally released its long-anticipated Nikon D5200, a 24MP update to the D5100 that (in typical fashion for camera makers these days) jumps over the imaging performance of the Nikon D7000, but at a lower cost and with a couple bells and whistles missing. Nikon has also refreshed its initial mirrorless camera offering with two new models, the J3 and the S1, along with an appealing new 10-100mm lens for its compact sensor format… Read more »