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Nikon D5200 DSLR announced: Impressive upgrade, but won’t quiet D400 clamor

As expected, Nikon has introduced the new Nikon D5200 DSLR. It is a very solid upgrade from the Nikon D5100, bumping the resolution to 24MP, focus points to 39 like the Nikon D7000, and frame rate to 5fps – a little slower than the D7000’s top speed of 6 fps. A new processor chip helps move the larger number of pixels, and a new graphical user interface should make the camera easier for those photographers not comfortable with the current dials and menus. However, the Nikon D5200 will not quiet the clamor for a Nikon D400, as it doesn’t nearly fill-in Nikon’s product line as a Nikon D300 replacement… Read more »

Got one: Orionid meteor breaking up, big show tonight

ev_orionids_20120001After three nights of leaving the camera out aimed at the Orion constellation, using the tips I wrote about earlier in the week, I finally snagged a nice image of a meteor breaking up as it nears earth (or at least I’m assuming that’s what it is, unless something else really strange was happening). I simply had my Nikon D600 on its tripod, with the intervalometer set to 20 second exposures at f/4, ISO 400. The image you see is cropped, as I had my lens set wide at 24mm to get as many sightings as possible. Read more »

Why I’m really loving my Nikon D600: A night at the ballgame

ev_sfgiants_playoffs2012_0044hI’ve had my Nikon D600 for almost a month now, and it continues to surprise me. I gave its full-frame capabilities a workout in low light and was quite impressed. Yesterday I threw it a curve ball by heading off to a night baseball game where I needed to use an inexpensive lens in crop mode to get the framing I wanted (as a fan, rather than a media-credentialed photographer I was limited as to what type of gear I could carry in to a Major League Baseball playoff game). So I brought the Nikon D600 with a Sigma 18-250 “DX format” lens, along with my Nikon 24-85mm  lens for environmental shots. Read more »

Adobe updates Lightroom & Photoshop with support for Nikon D600, Canon Rebel T4i, Sony RX100, dozens of other cameras

Ma_Griz_32705If, like many of us, you’ve been chomping at the bit to get at the Raw files from your Nikon D600 or other fancy new camera that was released late this summer. Adobe has come through again, in record time, with a free update to CS6 & Lightroom 4. You can download the udpates from the links below or from the Update menu in the products. Beware that the Lightroom “update” is a full new version, weighing in at over 750MBytes! Many new lens profiles have been added also. Read more »

How big is the Nikon D600, anyway? Compared to the Nikon D700 / D800 & Nikon D7000

img_0003The Nikon D600 has, in just a few days, become the new darling of camera reviewers (including me) and photographers who’ve gotten their hands on one. One of its appeals is that it packs an amazing quality full-frame image sensor into a pretty small package. Specs put it between the D700 / D800 (which are essential identical in size and weight) and the Nikon D7000, which is smaller and lighter. Since I have all three, I’ve been hefting them in turns to get an idea. It’s hard to pass along subjective impressions, but I tend to agree with other reviewers who say that while the Nikon D600 is not small enough that anyone should rush out and purchase it for that reason, it is noticeably lighter and smaller than a Nikon D800 with similar lens. Read more »