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Customize your Color: 20 Minutes to Better Prints with Spyder3 Print SR

For many years I've struggled with a good way to review printer profiling solutions. Fully featured solutions cost thousands of dollars so they were always hard to recommend and lower cost solutions required so much time, effort and tweaking that they were only suitable for truly hard-core users...

Datacolor Introduces Revoluationary new SpyderCube

DataColor officially announces the SpyderCube--the one tool every D-SLR owner needs to get their images right in the camera.

This inexpensive ($59) device lets you capture the key elements of your scene (primary & secondary lighting, neutral, specular highlight level, etc) w

Profiling Your Printer

Leopard Hunting
Hunting Leopard Okavango Delta, Botswana Nikon D2H, 70-200mm AF-S/VR

Printing Great Color:
Profiling your Printer with Colorvision PrintFIX PRO

A crucial and too frequently overlooked step in every photographer's workflow is printing images with great color. Until now the process of profiling a printer has been somewhat arcane and very expensive. High end profiling packages like Profilemaker, when combined with the needed hardware, can cost several thousand dollars. Read more »