Gitzo 3541LS

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Oben: Finally a Cost Effective Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod?

Oben CT-3520 5-Section Carbon Fiber Folding Tripod w/ BB-1T Ball HeadNothing seems more daunting to the beginning photographer than the cost of a good tripod. Especially if you want one that is light (meaning carbon fiber legs), rugged and rigid. And if you want to use it for wildlife photography you’ll also need one that is tall enough to use standing up and will support your longest lens. The only models that most pros agree meet these needs are the amazingly long-lived Gitzo carbon fiber models legsets combined with a nice Gitzo, Really Right Stuff or Wimberly head.

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Photographing Joshua Tree National Park

Pl_JoshuaTreeNP_0225htaI’d driven around and nearly through Joshua Tree National Park many times and photographed the iconic Joshua Trees in the Mojave in the past, but this week I finally made the time to spend a couple quality days in Joshua Tree itself and I’m really glad I did. If you’re a fan of these crazy trees or of equally crazy boulder formations read on to get some idas of how to make the most of your visit there…

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