Nikon 70-200mm lens

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Photographing Kid’s Sports – Some Handy Tips

Starting with trying to capture your child’s first steps creating great images of kids in action is a lifelong and challenging task. Children’s sports are heavily photographed by parents, but usually without much success. In this article we’ll give you some tips on how to get the best images you can at sporting events…

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Nikon announces priority shipments of new AF-S 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II

Nikon is notifying NPS members that they're planning to ship the much anticipated "II" version of the popular 70-200mm lens in late November to NPS members IF they make sure to contact NPS and give them their pre-order information. The lens is especially anticipated by D3 and D700 owners who may have noticed increased vignetting when using the current version with full frame digital cameras. If you're an NPS member and haven't gotten the information from Nikon, make sure and contact NPS with your pre-order information to get your lens in a timely fashion.

DPS 7-06: New Nikons, Alaska Trip Report, Events Update & plenty of news and tips

Welcome to DPS 7-06. We hope your summer has been a succesful one, both photographically and personally. The highlight of ours was once again our Grizzly Bear & Puffin photo safaris where we lead two great groups of enthusiastic participants in photographing the majestic Alaskan Coastal Brown Bears and a variety of seabirds. In the meantime Nikon has been busy churning out a spate of new Coolpix models but has also update the D300 and several important lenses we want to make sure you know about. And of course in this issue we'll give you the latest updates on our events schedule.