Nikon D3

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Very Cool (Free) Guide to Video D-SLRs from B&H

The folks at B&H realize how interesting but also how complicated the addition of video to the D-SLR has made our buying decisions and how many new accessory needs it has created. So they've created a really nifty interactive guide to HD-Video D-SLRs that you can benefit from for free. Just click the Start button in the HDSLR logo to the left of this post to get started. And make sure and let us know what you think about their information on the subject.

Nikon Updates Pro D-SLR Firmware with fixes, large CF card support & new Goodies

Nikon has just rolled out a very useful firmware update for most of their Pro D-SLR line (except the D3S which presumably already has these improvemnts). The new firmware includes support for CF cards up to 64GB, improved Auto White Balance, some focus options and my favorite which sets the time from a GPS clock. You can download it from the Nikon USA site. For more details...

GearGuide: Digital Cameras for Bird Photographers

More and more birders are becoming interested in photography. To go beyond the limitations of digiscoping (limited low light capability, tricky auto-focus, limited panning or ability to capture action, etc.) requires a fairly serious investment in a camera body and lenses. In this section of our exclusive GearGuide we'll cover tips for what to look for in a camera body...

Nikon D3S: 100,000 ISO!, HD Video, $5200 Coming Soon

Nikon today announced the D3S, a worthy "mid-life" upgrade to their workhorse pro D-SLR the D3. The biggest change is an upgraded sensor featuring the potential for shooting at ISOs up to a staggering 102,000. Realistically the typical ISO range seems to have been bumped up by 1-2 stops over the D3. The new sensor also captures HD Video, including in very low light conditions. The FX sized sensor retains the 12MP resolution of the D3, but adds a 1.2x crop mode for 8MP shooting with a slight telephoto effect--no doubt helpful when using those lenses which vignette with the FX sensors. It also doubles the buffer size and adds a quiet shutter mode among other nifty new features. It is expected to ship from Nikon in late November for $5199 street price. Full Press Release below...

How to optimize exposure and sharpness using custom settings to fine-tune your camera settings.

Contributed by Paul Janosi

[EDITORS  Note: Correct exposure has become nearly a religious issue with the advent of the "expose to the right" mantra for many raw shooters. But not everyone sees exposure the same way. Thanks to newsletter reader Paul Janosi for contributing this article with his thoughts on tuning exposure on your high-end D-SLR and even more importantly his meticulous technique for fine tuning your AF system for use with your long lenses and Teleconverters. I tried it with my 200-400f/4 and my TC-14E (both of which had just been serviced and aligned by Nikon) and found that indeed a correction to AF improved the sharpness of my images noticeably--David]