Nikon D300

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Nikon D7000: The One Camera to Have if You’re Only Having One? Or the new Nikon D5100?

imageNew camera introductions continue to tumble over one another, offering photographers more and more options at decreasing prices. The Nikon D7000 is no exception. With superior image quality and a lower price than the venerable Nikon D300/D300s it is an amazing tool. But it isn’t for everyone. Read on to find out whether it should be your next D-SLR… Read more »

A Day in Manhattan: The Flatiron Building

_adc3064We took advantage of the nice weather this morning while visiting New York to stroll around Manhattan with my editor at B&H, Chris Gampat—who had the day off since the offices are closed for Passover. Chris was a font of knowledge on neighborhood trivia and great places to eat as well as some of the good photo opps. One of my personal favorites is the iconic Flatiron building… Read more »

Photographing Kid’s Sports – Some Handy Tips

Starting with trying to capture your child’s first steps creating great images of kids in action is a lifelong and challenging task. Children’s sports are heavily photographed by parents, but usually without much success. In this article we’ll give you some tips on how to get the best images you can at sporting events…

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Winter in Yellowstone

I’m just back from a great trip with my friends Will & Lawrence to Yellowstone and southern Montana. Due to scheduling issues we almost missed the winter season but got there just in time for some good snow scenes and plenty of animals along the roads…

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How to optimize exposure and sharpness using custom settings to fine-tune your camera settings.

Contributed by Paul Janosi

[EDITORS  Note: Correct exposure has become nearly a religious issue with the advent of the "expose to the right" mantra for many raw shooters. But not everyone sees exposure the same way. Thanks to newsletter reader Paul Janosi for contributing this article with his thoughts on tuning exposure on your high-end D-SLR and even more importantly his meticulous technique for fine tuning your AF system for use with your long lenses and Teleconverters. I tried it with my 200-400f/4 and my TC-14E (both of which had just been serviced and aligned by Nikon) and found that indeed a correction to AF improved the sharpness of my images noticeably--David]