Nikon D3100

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Nikon D7000: The One Camera to Have if You’re Only Having One? Or the new Nikon D5100?

imageNew camera introductions continue to tumble over one another, offering photographers more and more options at decreasing prices. The Nikon D7000 is no exception. With superior image quality and a lower price than the venerable Nikon D300/D300s it is an amazing tool. But it isn’t for everyone. Read on to find out whether it should be your next D-SLR… Read more »

B&H Year End Deals, including new low $599 for D3100 + 18-55mm lens, $49 for Lexar 16GB SDHC

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Nikon D3100 Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm NIKKOR VR Lens

The Nikon D3100 Digital SLR Camera is an affordable, compact, and lightweight photographic power-house. It features the all-purpose 18-55mm VR lens, a high-resolution 14.2 MP CMOS sensor along with a feature set that's comprehensive yet easy to navigate - the intuitive onboard learn-as-you grow guide mode allows the photographer to understand what the 3100 can do quickly and easily. . . Read More >>>

Price: $599.95 + Free Shipping (USA)
$649.95 - $50.00 Instant Savings | Offer Ends: 01/29/2011

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Year End "Tax Shopping" Ideas for Photographers

Nikon D3100One of the fun things about the last week of the year can be looking for those last minute tax write-off purchases. Now is the time to pick up that camera, computer or printer that you'll need or want soon and deduct the price from your photo income. We've put together a few of our best ideas for your tax buying wish list...

Top on our list is the new Nikon D3100 is a great new "entry level" camera suitable as both a walking-around camera for when you don't want to lug something bigger and as a backup for many projects. But there are lots of other great ideas...

Nikon D7000: “Consumer” Camera Angles for the Pro Market

Nikon D7000 DSLR Camera (Body)

Until this week Nikon had three different lines of D-SLR cameras. The “consumer” level cameras like the Nikon D5000 and Nikon D3100, “prosumer” models like the Nikon D300S and Nikon D700, and full up “pro” models like the Nikon D3S and Nikon D3X. Of course plenty of pros (like me) use prosumer and consumer models when they are the best fit for a project and plenty of “consumers” own a D3 family camera, but at least the three product lines had a fairly obvious set of distinctions. But with the D7000 Nikon has really blurred the line between consumer, prosumer and pro camera at the same time. Should you rush to pre-order one of these unique cameras so you’ll be first on the block to have one when it arrives in November? Read on to find out what makes it unique… Read more »

Very Cool (Free) Guide to Video D-SLRs from B&H

The folks at B&H realize how interesting but also how complicated the addition of video to the D-SLR has made our buying decisions and how many new accessory needs it has created. So they've created a really nifty interactive guide to HD-Video D-SLRs that you can benefit from for free. Just click the Start button in the HDSLR logo to the left of this post to get started. And make sure and let us know what you think about their information on the subject.