Nikon SB-900

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Pindaya Cave: Second Time Is The Charm

pl_pindayacave_0169Ever since I saw a photo of Pindaya Cave in a travel magazine I’ve been smitten with the way over the edge array of caverns literally stuffed full of over 8,000 Buddha images lit in a bewildering number of different ways. The result is an incredible experience. But capturing more than a tiny slice of the cave can be a photo nightmare.

Nikon Introduces Smaller, Cheaper Version of Flagship SB-900 Speedlight

For those craving a smaller, lighter version of the amazing Nikon SB-900 speed light, help is on the way. In November Nikon will be shipping the sleeker, smaller and cheaper SB-700 with the new interface and many of the new features of the SB-900 for a much lower MSRP of $329. It is lower power and gives up some features like the extended 200mm zoom of its bigger brother, but adds some new ones like a "Quick Wireless" setup mode and hard plastic colored filters to replace the flimsy cellophane ones. The full press release follows...

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My Day with Moose & Joe

One of the downsides of being a nature photographer is limited opportunities to socialize. There's no water cooler at the office. So it's always fun when I get a chance to shoot with some of my friends. I was fortunate today to spend the day with Moose Peterson and Joe McNally while they co-lead their landscape workshop in San Francisco with Laurie Excell and Kevin Dobler. Their DLWS series has become immensely popular. I was fortunate to co-teach the very first one with Moose in Moab many years ago but now there is quite a large team at each one and the events are longer and better than ever...

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Nikon USA "Learn & Explore" Web Site

Nikon has launched a new website with articles for photographers. Learn and Explore features articles from Nikon world and by Nikon photographers. There are some good tips in there about how pros are using the latest in Nikon gear. But don't expect any impartial reviews of course as it's all paid for by Nikon, so you'll see all Nikon products used.--David


Extending your Outdoor Shooting day

Unless you're blessed with nearly endless golden light like we have during the summer in Alaska, the relatively short periods of soft light near sunrise and sunset are the bane of wildlife photographers. Especially in the evening when activity often picks up just as the light disappears it can be very frustrating to watch the quality of your images decline as the sun sets. I can't help you make the sun stay out longer, but I can share an old photojournalist trick with you that can let you keep capturing images long after you might have had to stop otherwise...