Photo Safaris

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Skill & Luck: A Good Photo Strategy does not equal Photo Success

When a pro photographer is paid to shoot a product or model in a studio they are judged by their results—which makes perfect sense because they have control of nearly all the variables involved. Barring a natural disaster or a series of unforseeable equipment failures they should be able to deliver the goods. But applying the same expectations to wildlife and even other kinds of action photography is a recipe for disappointment…

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African Safari Images Posted

I'm just back from another wonderful photo safari to southern Africa, this time Zambia and Botswana and wanted to share some of my favorite images with you.




We'll be returning in May, 2011 and hope you can join us!--David

Support Myanmar & Aung San Suu Kyi: Visit!

About once a year the country of Myanmar (formerly Burma) becomes part of the world's consciousness. It is often not good news, whether it was the Nargis typhoon or recently the extension of the sentence of Aung San Suu Kyi. The shame of it is that it would be incredibly easy for Americans or any other caring citizens to take postive action but for the most part we are content to sit back & let our governments do their best. How can you help?...

African Bullfrogs Fighting for Mates