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DPS 7-04: Hot Deal on Nikon D700, Sigma 120-400mm Lens Field Test, Camera Straps, SpyderCube, Lensbaby Composer and more...

Welcome to DPS 7-04--the nikondigital.org newsletter.We've got some great new product announcements and updates as well as the results of our Sigma Lens field test for you in this issue, plus an upgrade to our November Botswana Safari and an announcement of our Texas Bird Photo Safari for next April. Mixed in you'll find some useful photo tips we picked up in Texas this April.

SpyderCube: A Perfect Photo Gadget for Everyone

Datacolor SpyderCUBEWhen David Tobie first showed me what looked like a Christmas tree ornament at the Press Sneak Peak event at PMA I thought perhaps it was a trendy European household decoration befitting the new European management at Colorvision/Datacolor. But once I realized it was carefully colored in white, gray and black it dawned on me that the SpyderCube was actually a pretty cool photo tool.

Datacolor Introduces Revoluationary new SpyderCube

DataColor officially announces the SpyderCube--the one tool every D-SLR owner needs to get their images right in the camera.

This inexpensive ($59) device lets you capture the key elements of your scene (primary & secondary lighting, neutral, specular highlight level, etc) w