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Ultimate Photo Accessories, including headlamps, aka “dork lights”

Okay, they’re not really called “dork lights.” They’re headlamps, but it’s hard to deny that they make you look a bit like a dork. However, they’re invaluable, so for my contribution to Chris Gampat’s piece on the B&H blog on the most interesting and useful accessory in my camera bag, the choice was a no brainer. You can read his full post, including some other great recommendations, and when you’re convinced you can buy yourself the cat’s meow of photographers’ headlamps, the Petzl Zipka Plus 2, for $44 at Amazon – it features a retractable cord, multiple brightness levels, and both white and red LEDs for regular and night vision use.

Digital Light Shed: A photo accessory that will pay for itself

Impact Digital Light Shed - XLNearly everyone has at least a box of used electronics and camera gear sitting someplace in their house hoping for a better home. With cellphones, computers, and cameras being upgraded more frequently than ever, they can pile up faster than we can find friends or family members who might want them. In many cases, those electronics are still worth real money, so sending them off to one of the new “e-Cycling” ventures seems like a waste. eBay seems like the obvious answer, but taking good product pictures is such a hassle that many of us don’t take the time to do it – even if we take pictures for a living. That’s where the Digital Light Shed comes in… Read more »

The ultimate photographer’s briefcase? Thinktank Urban Disguise Field Test & Review

As a travel and nature photographer, I’m often carrying a large bag full of gear. But for many shorter trips, or for photo tours where I’ll only need shorter lenses, I’m always looking for the perfect travel photo bag that can double as my briefcase. It needs room for at least two cameras (I’m willing to check my third in a solid case or bring a rolling camera bag if I can carry a lot of gear on the plane), a few lenses, and at least one of my flashes. However, I also need to stash my laptop and papers in it – and these days even a tablet. So camera-only bags just don’t cut it. And most briefcases aren’t well suited as camera bags.

Eye-Fi Pro: Perfect accessory for your new camera

Eye-Fi 8GB X2 Pro SDHC CardAs exciting as it is to unwrap—or watch a friend or family member unwrap—a new camera on Christmas morning, there is a way to make it even more fun to share the holiday spirit. With an Eye-Fi Pro SD card you can automatically and wirelessly show the images as they are taken on a smartphone or tablet. At our house we leave my tablet propped up on a stand showing the most recent holiday cheer! Read more »

Extreme Value Nikon D7000 Vertical Grip Now Available (Neewer/Meike Grip, $40!)

_djc0028A big reason I’ve waited so long to buy a Nikon D7000 even after my enthusiasm with my review unit earlier this year was the new format vertical grip. I wasn’t looking forward to carrying two vertical grips since I’d also want my current one for use with my Nikon D700 and Nikon D300s. But I also didn’t want to shell out the cool $219 for the OEM Nikon MB-D11 Vertical Grip (when they are in stock), since I already had one vertical grip. I’d had good luck with Zeikos “knock-off” grips before but at $99 the Zeikos alternative vertical grip didn’t seem like enough of a savings to justify going with a lesser product. Enter the amazingly priced Neewer Vertical Battery Grip for Nikon D7000

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