Adobe Camera Raw

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Adobe ACR 8.5 RC continues to nibble away at traditional Photoshop

2014_05_22GradFilterMaskAdobe continues to push the envelope of what is possible with non-destructive editing – the kind used by Lightroom and by Adobe Camera Raw. It has just published a release candidate of ACR 8.5 that (in addition to more cameras and lenses) supports the ability to use a brush to limit the effects of a Graduated filter.

Adobe puts more distance between Photoshop CC and Photoshop CS6 with more new cloud-only features

Generator-screen-shot-2-1024x752Adobe is determined to herd its customers to the cloud – specifically its Creative Cloud subscription service. This weekend Adobe added to the pressure with a version 14.1 update to Photoshop CC. It adds a cool new technology – Generator for asset creation and other low-level image content scripting – as well as a bunch of bug fixes and updates that I’m sure all Photoshop users would welcome. But if you want the goodies, you’ll need to be subscribed to the Cloud version. You can get the full details on the update from Adobe, and of course updating is simply a matter of using Help->Update from your copy of Photoshop CC. Read more »

New Photoshop Creative Cloud: Should you upgrade?

photoshop_700_400Adobe is making life difficult for we loyal Photoshop users by forcing a change in business model on us – whether we like it or not. If you haven’t already started shelling out the $500+ per year for the full Creative Cloud experience, because you mostly just use Photoshop, now you get to decide whether to spend $240/year to keep up with Adobe’s enhancements. Adobe says it will no longer update the Creative Suite version of Photoshop – except for limited additional raw file support for new cameras. Of course, there is no guarantee of the specific upgrades and enhancements Adobe will be adding, so it wants us to take a leap of faith that it is worth what most of us paid for each Photoshop upgrade every 18 month (or 36 months for those who routinely skipped a version) every 10 months – and not get any permanent rights to the product. So if we stop paying, we lose our right to use Photoshop. Read more »

Nikon D600 torture test: Onward at the Great American Music Hall with my Sigma 85mm f/1.4 lens

Ev_AnnMcNamee2012_0277Indoor music events are a great way to test out cameras and lenses. Last nights awesome Onward event at the Great American Music Hall was no exception. Stage lighting pushed me to ISO 3200, even with my Sigma 85mm f/1.4 lens open to f/1.7. Of course the light was also designed to look good in person, not to be easy for a camera to sort out. So as not to get in people’s way, the longest lens I took was 85mm, so the resulting images would also need cropping. All in all, a perfect way to test out my Nikon D600 and Adobe’s brand new raw support. Here’s what I came up with … Read more »

Adobe updates Lightroom & Photoshop with support for Nikon D600, Canon Rebel T4i, Sony RX100, dozens of other cameras

Ma_Griz_32705If, like many of us, you’ve been chomping at the bit to get at the Raw files from your Nikon D600 or other fancy new camera that was released late this summer. Adobe has come through again, in record time, with a free update to CS6 & Lightroom 4. You can download the udpates from the links below or from the Update menu in the products. Beware that the Lightroom “update” is a full new version, weighing in at over 750MBytes! Many new lens profiles have been added also. Read more »