Adobe Photoshop Elements

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Using presets to establish and enhance your photographic style

Many applications offer presets, and some let you preview them. 
Here DxO Optics Pro shows some of the built-in options for processing one of my images.Whether you are an “art” photographer or not, your work may well have a style of its own, defined by how you shoot and how you process images. Or your editors or clients might want a particular look or style in the images you submit to them.

Will Elements be your next Photoshop? Version 12 ups its game

51vYXk-LwVLAdobe continues to get pushback over its new “subscription-only” licensing model for Photoshop. It continues to appear that all versions after CS6 will rely on some type of Creative Cloud subscription. In response to user pressure, Adobe has lowered the price of its “Photographer” package that provides Photoshop CC and Lightroom for $10/month. For many photographers, though, the whole idea of renting their software is not appealing. Unfortunately there are not too many options out there. GIMP is a powerful, free, package, but it doesn’t have the polish of Photoshop. Ironically, Adobe itself may be providing the solution itself for many shooters in the form of Photoshop Elements… Read more »