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Long-awaited Mac Pro now available for ordering


After years in the making, the new, sleek, and ultra-powerful Mac Pro units can finally be ordered. Starting at $2994 from B&H the svelte towers are everything Mac-using photographers have been dreaming of since the last Mac Pro models begin to show their age. As always, if you’start out your B&H shopping using our link as it helps support our free photo information site.

Thoughts on laptops for photo editing

Macbook Pro Featured ImageIf you’re considering a new laptop for your photo editing tasks, I’ve put together some thoughts on a few of the most likely models for Aside from the obvious choice of the Macbook Pro I’ve highlighted a variety of Windows options.

David Cardinal talk at Dartmouth on: "Deathmatch in Technology Valley

2013-08-14 09:00 - 12:00

I'll be speaking as part of Dartmouth's ILEAD summer program on "Digital Revolution: Promise and Threat" on their campus on August 14th. If you're in the area and aren't already an ILEAD subscriber you can get an individual ticket for the talk through ILEAD. Read more »

B&H Upgrades Pre-Order Policy

B&H has just announced that they will no longer charge for pre-orders at the time of the order but instead will follow the more common practice of charging when they ship the product (although they will authorize the card at time of order).