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Alaska Brown (aka "Grizzly") Bear & Puffin Photo Safari 2010

2010-07-08 (All day) - 2010-07-21 (All day)
Session 1: July 8-15, 2011 (now accepting deposits for 2011)
Session 2: July 14-21, 2011 (now accepting deposits for 2011)
Session 1: July 8-15, 2010 (SOLD OUT, wait list only)
Session 2: July 14-21, 2010 (SOLD OUT, wait list only)

Now Accepting Deposits for 2011

It seems like just yesterday, but 2011 will be my 12th year returning to the Cook Inlet in Alaska to photograph America's most spectacular animals.

Spending a week with Alaskan Coastal Brown Bears, often called Grizzlies, is truly a life-changing experience. Unlike the bears at Brooks Lodge in Katmai, which are stressed out and offer very limited viewing, we'll be able to see bears in their native and un-stressed environment.

One day the bears will be grazing on the nutrient rich grass and the next they'll be up to their shoulder digging in the mud for clams. Without question these are my favorite weeks of the year.

We'll have an entire small lodge to ourselves, and the bears are right in the area, so our shooting opportunities are maximized.

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