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Hot new Nikon D4 and Canon PowerShot G1 X now available for pre-ordering!

B&H is now taking pre-orders for several of the hottest new cameras about to be on the market. First and foremost, the new flagship Nikon D4, which is expected to ship next month.

Last Minute Holiday Camera & Lens Gift Options: Free Overnight Shipping from B&H!

Stuck for last minute gift ideas? B&H is helping out with free overnight shipping on many products, so you can still get them delivered in time for Christmas: You can see all the options on their special Holiday Offer Page.

B&H New York City–The Ultimate Camera Store And Then Some

Pl_BHPhoto_0015The last time I was able to visit B&H’s “superstore” in Manhattan was several years ago so I was excited when I got the “cook’s tour” as part of my presentation on wildlife photography there last week. I was blown away not just by the size and selection (after all we live in a land of large box stores) but by the thoughtful presentation and retailing strategies used. The experience is night and day different—and better—than visiting a Best Buy or Fry’s electronics, or even many local camera stores.

First and foremost no one is on commission. So they are there to help you shop but are happy to suggest less expensive options or leave you alone if you enjoy puttering through the numerous exhibits yourself. And the exhibits are organized more like a contemporary museum of technology than like a typical slap dash retail display. Items are all in working order, clearly labeled, and organized in such a way that you can make intelligent comparisons. The HDTVs for example are all adjusted so that they have a similar viewing angle from eye level and you can actually compare their images. Try doing that at Best Buy or Frys!

Photo Ethics In The Field: My New Posting on B&H Insights Blog

There is a lot of discussion about the ethics of altering images in Photoshop. But even more important is how we as photographers act in the field. There are many ethical issues which arise whether you're doing travel, nature or wildlife photography.

Take Your Wildlife Photography To The Next Level: Learn To Think Like A Pro -- Talk at B&H, New York

2011-09-07 (All day)

Please join me at the B&H Event Space in New York on Wednesday, September 7th from 11am-1pm for my talk and slideshow on Wildlife Photography. I'm excited to finally be in New York at a good time to visit with some of my B&H friends in person and meet some of our readers and clients from the New York area. You can learn more about the event and register for it on the B&H event site.