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One Card To Rule Them All? 64GB SDXC Card Deal

SD cards are not only breathing down the neck of their larger CompactFlash siblings, but they are now available in similar huge capacities and at astonishingly low prices.

B&H Upgrades Pre-Order Policy

B&H has just announced that they will no longer charge for pre-orders at the time of the order but instead will follow the more common practice of charging when they ship the product (although they will authorize the card at time of order).

Oben: Finally a Cost Effective Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod?

Oben CT-3520 5-Section Carbon Fiber Folding Tripod w/ BB-1T Ball HeadNothing seems more daunting to the beginning photographer than the cost of a good tripod. Especially if you want one that is light (meaning carbon fiber legs), rugged and rigid. And if you want to use it for wildlife photography you’ll also need one that is tall enough to use standing up and will support your longest lens. The only models that most pros agree meet these needs are the amazingly long-lived Gitzo carbon fiber models legsets combined with a nice Gitzo, Really Right Stuff or Wimberly head.

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The CompactFlash Card for the Photographer who has Everything (Else)

Sandisk 128GB 100MB CompactFlash CardSandisk is now shipping the ultra-fast, ultra-high capacity 128GB 100 MB/s (about 600x)—that’s not a typo, it’s really 128 Gigabytes, bigger than many laptop hard drives were just a couple years ago. You can get it from B&H for $1199. If that is too rich for your blood then our new favorite value champion is the Transcend 16GB 600x CompactFlash Extreme Plus UDMA Card—available from B&H for $79.95. We have one and it benchmarks faster than our 400x cards and is only $20 more. A small price to pay if it gets you the final shot in an amazing action sequence.