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Does Your Town Have a Mud Run? Maybe it Should

If a mud run isn’t on your bucket list, you might want to consider it. Along with tractor pulls and cook-offs the annual run of trucks large and small through a course of, well yes, mud is a big deal in Northern Michigan. We were fortunate enough to be here this year in time for the Boyne Falls Annual Mud Run, where amateurs and pros alike took their straight up SUVs, pick-ups, and highly modified terrain warrior vehicles through a quarter mile of wheel deep mud—provided courtesy of the local fire departments’ hydrants and volunteers…edl_mudrun_0029

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Creating A New Look For Old Bears

After eleven summers photographing Alaskan Coastal Brown Bears (also known as “Grizzly Bears”) I’ve come up with quite a few nice shots and tried a lot of different ideas for creating compelling portraits of them. So this year I decided to try something new to give some of my favorite mammals a new look…


Alaskan Brown Bear, Nikon D70 Lifepixel Infrared
Nikon 200-400mm f/4 lens.

Grand Prismatic – A Late-Riser’s Dream

For anyone not used to getting up early, landscape photography can be a real chore. Most sights are best photographed near sunrise and sunset. In June and July in particular those can be pretty far apart! So it was refreshing to finish our morning adventures yesterday in Yellowstone National Park with one of the wonders of the world which really looks its best in mid-day in mid-summer…

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