Brown Bear

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Mother Brown Bear & Cub: NWF Photo Contest Winner

As the old saying goes, “f/8 and be there.” That can be just as true of wildlife photography. Even after 12 years of photographing Alaskan Coastal Brown bears every summer, I am surprised with new opportunities each time. This photo of a sow (mother bear) playing “hide and seek” with her cub just won 1st place in the Professional Mammals (I think that means that the photographer is a professional – not the animalsSmile) category of the National Wildlife Federation 2011 photo competition. I’m frankly really honored, as the other winning images are all amazing. A special shout out to fellow bear watchers and dedicated biologists Laura Romin and Larry Dalton, who took first place in the Amateur Baby Animals contest. The images are all showcased on the NWF website and in the November issue of their magazine. Read more »

The Eyes Have it!

_djc6751It is easy to get carried away by dramatic wildlife like the Alaskan Brown Bears (aka Grizzly Bears) we’re busy photographing her in Alaska but to communicate in a photograph it is all but essential to have clear and sharp eyes in addition to a clean composition and a compelling subject…

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Clamming--Brown Bear Style

No one knows quite how or when Alaskan Brown Bears (also known as Grizzly Bears) learned to clam. Or rather, lots of people claim to know but they all have different stories...

Using a Telephoto to Draw the Viewer In -- Featuring the Nikon 200-400mm f/4 Lens

All it takes is standing alongside a road or in a park next to a long lens to draw shouts of "what are you shooting, the moon?" But as any wildlife photographer knows a telephoto isn't used just to photograph objects that are far away...