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What size camera is right for you?

img_1351It is a truism in photography that the best camera is the one you have with you. In that spirit, whenever I’m asked for advice on what new camera someone should buy, I try to figure out not just their budget and needs, but how much camera they’re really likely to be willing to carry around. For many, it isn’t obvious what they gain by “trading-up” to a larger, heavier, and more-expensive model. While it is always dangerous to generalize, there are certain rules of thumb about the pros and cons of various types of current-model digital cameras. We’ll help you sort through your options…

David Cardinal talk on Camera Technology at Stanford Engineering School -- Tuesday June 11th

2013-06-11 16:00 - 17:30

For those who are in town, I'll be speaking at the Stanford Engineering School, as part of their Image Engineering program (SCIEN) on Tuesday, June 11th, on current innovations in camera technology and the camera market. The talk is open to the public and free to attend. I hope to see you there! More info and directions to Stanford in Palo Alto  Read more »