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The Eyes Have it!

_djc6751It is easy to get carried away by dramatic wildlife like the Alaskan Brown Bears (aka Grizzly Bears) we’re busy photographing her in Alaska but to communicate in a photograph it is all but essential to have clear and sharp eyes in addition to a clean composition and a compelling subject…

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Taxes, Amazon, California and the Internet

Observant readers may have noticed the sudden disappearance of all the Amazon ads and search boxes from our sites. After over a decade and a well over a quarter-million in revenue generated for them we were given one hour notice that our relationship (like that of all California affiliates) was unilaterally terminated. There is plenty being written about the situation today but we wanted to share our perspective…

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Think Tank Speed Freak 2.0 Belt Pack Looks Like a Winner

You’re probably already cringing at the thought of another camera bag. But I’ve just gotten a Think Tank Speed Freak 2.0 for my summer workshops and it’s so cool I wanted to tell you about it now rather than waiting until I get back with a full field test. The bag fills that awkward niche between what you can put on a belt and a full up camera backpack… Read more »

Panasonic Lumix LX5—The Ultimate Point & Shoot? (& Canon G12 Comparison)

lx5The holy grail for photographers is a camera that is small enough to fit in your pocket but still takes great images, preferably with not only a reasonable on board flash but the ability to add a hotshoe flash as needed. And of course many of us also consider the ability to shoot Raw files and HD video a necessity in this day and age. This grail was unachievable until recently with the Canon Powershot G12. But now Panasonic has introduced an even more compact camera that fits the bill, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5. To find out whether it measures up I took it to Africa with me and used it for candids, environmentals and some wildlife shots for three weeks. Here’s what I found… Read more »

A Travel Vest That Works–Finally: SCOTTEVEST Field-Tested & Reviewed

CVW_SEV_3After many years wearing a photo vest stuffed with lenses and film that made me look like a cross between an Empire Stormtrooper and a stuffed chipmunk I was thrilled to park it permanently in my closet with the advent of digital. For situations where I needed a few pieces of gear in the field the clever Thinktank Skin system belt and pouches were a lighter, cooler and frankly more comfortable solution. Read more »