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Thomas Edison—An Industrialist for Everyman

_adc2941The history of America is rife with rags to riches stories, often including the protagonist becoming a wealthy robber-baron, traveling around the world on a yacht directing his empire by remote control and late in life giving away incalculable sums of money to help leave a positive legacy. Read more »

A Day in Manhattan: The Flatiron Building

_adc3064We took advantage of the nice weather this morning while visiting New York to stroll around Manhattan with my editor at B&H, Chris Gampat—who had the day off since the offices are closed for Passover. Chris was a font of knowledge on neighborhood trivia and great places to eat as well as some of the good photo opps. One of my personal favorites is the iconic Flatiron building… Read more »

Protecting Your Images: Why Watermarking Matters and How to Do It Easily

Cheetah_WatermarkedKeeping up with all the ways images can be stolen sometimes seems like a losing battle. For each mechanism to prevent un-authorized downloading of copyrighted images there is a workaround quickly found by thieves. Through it all one fairly simple technique has stood the test of time—Watermarking. This was driven home again this week. Let’s talk about why you may want to watermark your images and about how you can do it easily without getting  in the way of legitimate sales… Read more »

South Texas Bird Photo Safari Trip Report & Images

Bi_Caracara_1595Thanks to some great hosts, enthusiastic participants and mostly cooperative weather we had another great visit & photo safari in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. To coincide with NANPA’s Summit we moved the trip up from April to March. As a result we took a little bit of a risk with the weather but it worked out and we were able to get plenty of shooting time each day.

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A Gray Owl for A Gray Morning

_djc9014We had some early clouds on our South Texas Photo Safari this morning so I decided to take advantage of the very even light to see if I could get some good shots of an Eastern Screech Owl that nests near where we were shooting. Not only do owls seem to be more cooperative on gray days but the fact that the owl’s hole faced North wouldn’t matter so much since the clouds would scatter the light just about evenly all over.