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Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

djc_7562When the unthinkable happened and we got not just clouds but drizzle today in Mandalay during our Myanmar (Burma) photo safari it threw us for a bit of a loop.

How Much Gold Is Enough?

djc_5715When I first visited the Shwedagon Temple with its golden pagoda it was claimed that the dome included over 50 tons of gold.

Turning a Landscape into a Portrait: When a Person Makes the Picture

IMG_0032This morning the five of us who were in Siem Reap early for my Cambodia and Burma photo safari decided to get a head start with a sunrise shoot at one of the royal reservoirs.

Photographing Joshua Tree National Park

Pl_JoshuaTreeNP_0225htaI’d driven around and nearly through Joshua Tree National Park many times and photographed the iconic Joshua Trees in the Mojave in the past, but this week I finally made the time to spend a couple quality days in Joshua Tree itself and I’m really glad I did. If you’re a fan of these crazy trees or of equally crazy boulder formations read on to get some idas of how to make the most of your visit there…

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No Clouds at Sunrise? Turn your Back

Almost every sunrise and sunset photo published has clouds, fog or something of interest in the sky. But for those of us graced with months of dry weather stretching hundreds of miles—like that found in much of California for much of the Spring through Fall—what do you do when you get to your favorite scene bright and early before the Sun only to see the makings of a gorgeous but frankly boring blue sky. Read on to find one solutions (we’ll give you a hint, the answer is not to go back to bed!)…

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