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Photomatix Pro 4: The Original HDR Program Gets Better

pl_pv-vineyard_0541hcWhen high dynamic range (HDR) photography burst on the scene the tool of choice for merging multiple images was Photomatix Pro. Since then some basic HDR capabilities have been included in Photoshop CS5 and nik Software has announced an HDR product so the market is heating up. I wrote about using the new “one shot” HDR capability of CS5 a few months ago. But HDRSoft, the makers of Photomatix Pro, have not been idle. They’ve shipped Photomatix Pro 4, a solid upgrade to their flagship product.

Like previous versions it is avaialbe either as a standalone product or as a Photoshop Plug-in (recommended for Photoshop users). Or you can buy their Plus bundle and get both.

Upgrades are available for current users.

I’ve been using it for awhile now and wanted to pass along what I’ve found and my thoughts…