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Sony A7 II Field-tested: A pro-friendly upgrade to the full-frame A7

With its high-performance hybrid focusing system (combining both phase detection and contrast detection in a mirrorless camera) Sony has been breaking down one of the final barriers for mirrorless to take over a bigger chunk of the DSLR market.

Canon S100 field test: The best point and shoot you can fit in your shirt pocket

Canon PowerShot S100 point and shoot cameraDespite being crazy addicted to Nikon DSLRs, I usually find myself carrying a Canon point and shoot. Canon has consistently shipped small, usable, models that take great images. Sometimes it has gotten it wrong and packed too many pixels or too much zoom into too small a package, but year in and year out there have always been a few standout models. Read more »

Photoshop Touch: Android finally gets some Adobe love

Screenshot_Photoshop_Touch_BearsAs a loyal Android user (my wife has the iPad & iPhone in the family) I’ve been moping over the last year as one hot app for photographers after another came out for the “i*” products, and Android was left behind. Best sellers like Instagram, Snapseed, and even Adobe’s original tablet applications for use with Photoshop, were and are still only available on Apple devices. Read more »