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Some new ways to enhance the color of your wildlife photos

David Cardinal: Making the Color in Your Wildlife Images Pop Using Some Contrast-Enhancing ToolsThere are plenty of tools to work directly on the color of your images. Many photographers don’t realize that you can often also enhance color by working on contrast.

Choosing a Colorspace–When to Go Large

sp_ballooning_0177For most folks it is enough trouble to get their images sorted, filed and emailed or printed. But for the dedicated few who take the extra time to work on them in Photoshop it isn’t long before they stumble across the topic of colorspaces. Like most things in photography once you know about it you can find endless and often contradictory advice about what it is and how to deal with it. The topic came up again on our recent photo safari so I thought it would be a good time to help clarify things…

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The Ultimate Raw File Tweaker: Colorchecker Passport

As raw files become the common currency of high-end photographry a widening array of tools is arriving to help photographers get the most from them. I've been using SpyderCube from Datacolor/Colorvision for awhile to help set white and black points along with white balance for color critical situations. But recently I've added a new tool to my tweakers arsenal--Colorchecker Passport from X-Rite. Read on to learn about it...