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In the spirit of Garry Winogrand

_DJC6949It seems appropriate that on a day when I was working on my new talk on photo composition, my friend Hy and I visited an exhibition of Garry Winogrand’s photos. Winogrand’s professed ideas about composition fly in the face of almost every piece of conventional wisdom. At least to hear him speak (in retrospect only now, as he passed away in 1984), photos did not and could not contain narrative or tell a story. For him only the grains of film within the frame mattered. Read more »

Sweat The Details in Your Photos: What a Difference A Shadow Can Make

bi_gfwoodpkr_0487There is a lot to keep in mind when you are photographing any moving subject, especially wildlife. Your choice of subject, background, composition and most importantly the light. And then there is the waiting for the moment of action and a pose which creates interest. But even with all that in place little things can keep you from getting a great photo… Read more »

Going Inside The Photographer’s Mind with Michael Freeman

Freeman deals with difficult topics like using shapes, lighting and leading the viewer's eye into the image as typified by this Namibian Sand Dune Photo. Image Copyright David Cardinal.There are a lot of great “how-to” books on photography, including some of our favorites like Joe McNally’s Hotshoe Diaries and Moose Peterson’s Captured, but there aren’t many good ones on the elusive subject of composing photographs—which is where much of the true art lies in photography. One of our favorite authors on this subject is Michael Freeman. An accomplished photographer in his own right (his photographic studies of Cambodian temples in Ancient Angkor are still the high-water mark of temple photography) and prolific author, we’ve recommended his excellent The Photographer’s Eye since it was first released. Now he has another ground-breaking book that pushes the topic further into how photographers think about composition with hundreds of examples covering dozens of topics in The Photographer’s Mind… Read more »

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

djc_7562When the unthinkable happened and we got not just clouds but drizzle today in Mandalay during our Myanmar (Burma) photo safari it threw us for a bit of a loop.