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Adobe Photoshop CS6 Un-veiled, and it’s a winner!–Hand’s on report

I’ve been using Adobe’s Photoshop CS6 for awhile now and it’s impressive. I’m glad I can finally share my experiences and even more glad that everyone else can download the beta, for free, from Adobe Labs, starting today. You can read my article on the major features that Extremetech published today as a guide on where to start with CS6, and download it from Adobe for either Windows or Mac.

Captured by Moose Peterson

Authors@Google poster advertising Moose Peterson's TalkLorrie and I spent a great day yesterday with our good friends Sharon & Moose Peterson. Moose was in town to give a talk at Google, where he kept a good-sized crowd glued to their seats with tales of his adventures as a conservation-minded wildlife photographer. As always, his images of critters – and many from his new passion of aviation photography – were the highlights of the talk. Read more »

B&H New York City–The Ultimate Camera Store And Then Some

Pl_BHPhoto_0015The last time I was able to visit B&H’s “superstore” in Manhattan was several years ago so I was excited when I got the “cook’s tour” as part of my presentation on wildlife photography there last week. I was blown away not just by the size and selection (after all we live in a land of large box stores) but by the thoughtful presentation and retailing strategies used. The experience is night and day different—and better—than visiting a Best Buy or Fry’s electronics, or even many local camera stores.

First and foremost no one is on commission. So they are there to help you shop but are happy to suggest less expensive options or leave you alone if you enjoy puttering through the numerous exhibits yourself. And the exhibits are organized more like a contemporary museum of technology than like a typical slap dash retail display. Items are all in working order, clearly labeled, and organized in such a way that you can make intelligent comparisons. The HDTVs for example are all adjusted so that they have a similar viewing angle from eye level and you can actually compare their images. Try doing that at Best Buy or Frys!

My Camera Bag–The Photo Gear I Shoot With, And Why

First, I shoot a lot of different subjects in many different locations, from my hometown to halfway across the world. So no matter what kind of photography you do or what budget you’re on I hope you’ll find some equipment insights in this article that will be of benefit...

David Cardinal Biography


David Cardinal is a veteran travel and nature photographer who specializes in Africa, Southeast Asia, and North America. His images of creatures in the wild help communicate the importance of our natural heritage and our responsibility to preserve it, while his journalistic efforts span both photography and technology. David's clients include non-profit and socially responsible institutions such as the BBC, California State Parks Foundation, Bay Trails, US Fish & Wildlife Service, NANPA, Bay Nature and Western Birding and National Geographic Kids magazines.

David's award-winning work is part of the permanent exhibit at the Lucy Evans Baylands Nature Center and has been featured in exhibitions at the Palo Alto Civic Center, the Seipp, Works and Allegro galleries, the Watsonville Wetlands Nature Center, on calparks.org, and on portolavalley.net. David is co-author with Moose Peterson of The D1 Generation, and has had his articles and images appear in publications including Outdoor Photographer, Studio Photography & Design, Photoshop User, PC Magazine and Dr Dobbs Journal.  David is a Datacolor Expert as well as one of Datacolor's Friends with Vision, and also works as an active tech journalist for Extremetech.com, publishing articles on topics related to photography, imaging, and the internet. David has spoken on the future of imaging technology at Stanford University and on the future of the Internet at Dartmouth College.