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Protecting Your Images: Why Watermarking Matters and How to Do It Easily

Cheetah_WatermarkedKeeping up with all the ways images can be stolen sometimes seems like a losing battle. For each mechanism to prevent un-authorized downloading of copyrighted images there is a workaround quickly found by thieves. Through it all one fairly simple technique has stood the test of time—Watermarking. This was driven home again this week. Let’s talk about why you may want to watermark your images and about how you can do it easily without getting  in the way of legitimate sales… Read more »

DigitalPro 6 for Windows: The Best DAM Software. Period.

We’re pleased to announce the availability of DigitalPro 6 for Windows, the first and only Digital Asset Management (DAM) software designed entirely by and for photographers. For nearly a decade thousands of pro and enthusiast digital shooters have used DigitalPro to review, organize and catalog their images.

With the release of DigitalPro 6, Pro Shooters LLC once again breaks new ground with industry-leading features including integrated image validation and safe backup, background multi-threaded captioning, image stacks, support for HDR and Panorama image editing and up to six different user selectable editors. It is also faster than ever and includes support for media file management and thumbnailing as well as a full implementation of both IPTC and XMP standards for image files….

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