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Learning to use Nikon Flashes: Book Review of Nikon’s CLS

Product DetailsEach generation of Nikon flash systems has become more powerful and flexible, but also more complex. Understanding how the latest version, dubbed Creative Lighting System (CLS) works, and how to make the most of it, can be a daunting task, especially since each Nikon flash unit has slightly different controls, and works in a slightly different way. Fortunately, Mike Hagen’s new book, The Nikon Creative Lighting System, provides an easy-to-read, soup-to-nuts, dissection of CLS and specific, detailed instructions on how to use it with just about every model of Nikon flash – both on and off camera.

A Gray Owl for A Gray Morning

_djc9014We had some early clouds on our South Texas Photo Safari this morning so I decided to take advantage of the very even light to see if I could get some good shots of an Eastern Screech Owl that nests near where we were shooting. Not only do owls seem to be more cooperative on gray days but the fact that the owl’s hole faced North wouldn’t matter so much since the clouds would scatter the light just about evenly all over.

Shooting an Indoor Event? Some Tips on How to Do It Right

I've posted an article on my blog over at B&H with some key tips on shooting indoor events. Enjoy and let us know your favorite tips as well.--David

Nikon Introduces Smaller, Cheaper Version of Flagship SB-900 Speedlight

For those craving a smaller, lighter version of the amazing Nikon SB-900 speed light, help is on the way. In November Nikon will be shipping the sleeker, smaller and cheaper SB-700 with the new interface and many of the new features of the SB-900 for a much lower MSRP of $329. It is lower power and gives up some features like the extended 200mm zoom of its bigger brother, but adds some new ones like a "Quick Wireless" setup mode and hard plastic colored filters to replace the flimsy cellophane ones. The full press release follows...

@Trip Screenshot

Extending your Outdoor Shooting day

Unless you're blessed with nearly endless golden light like we have during the summer in Alaska, the relatively short periods of soft light near sunrise and sunset are the bane of wildlife photographers. Especially in the evening when activity often picks up just as the light disappears it can be very frustrating to watch the quality of your images decline as the sun sets. I can't help you make the sun stay out longer, but I can share an old photojournalist trick with you that can let you keep capturing images long after you might have had to stop otherwise...