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Nikon GP-1 GPS: An accessory I really want to like

After several years of reliable geotagging with my Red Hen GPS unit, I was eager to test out Nikon’s GPS accessory, the Nikon GP-1. I was really hoping that, being from Nikon, it would more seamlessly integrate with my DSLRs and my shooting experience than third party solutions. Unfortunately, while the Nikon GP-1 is certainly a competent and effective product, it needs some serious work before it outshines less expensive options already on the market. Read more »

Introducing GPS Geo-Tagging Tools from Red Hen

Originally designed for the military, Red Hen Field Tools is now available to consumers.

The Field Tools is a user-friendly desktop application that uses a wizard to walk you through the steps needed to match your digital photos with the correct track log data from your GPS unit.

You can then use Field Tools' Map Viewer or Google Earth to determine WHERE your photos were taken along your path of travel on a map.