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Cardinal Photo Resources: Presets for your use

Here is my current favorite preset for DxO Optics Pro 10. It is particularly good for travel and nature photography.

Here is the Adobe (LightRoom & Camera Raw) preset I have used in the past when shooting outdoor sports for the CBS Interactive subsidiary, MaxPreps.

Safari photo tips & FREE Alaskan safari giveaway!

_djc7631hWe’re excited to let you know that our friends at Datacolor have announced a new contest open to everyone, with the first p

Using Adobe’s Adjustment Brush in Photoshop or Lightroom to rescue awkwardly-lit scenes

_djc9137adjDespite the power of post-processing tools, one area that has always been labor intensive and error-prone is correcting images that have multiple light sources with multiple color temperatures. Since white balance is best set on the raw image, correcting for two or more different light sources has required “developing” the image multiple times and then using layers and layer masking to composite a version that shows each area lit correctly. Fortunately Adobe has changed all that… Read more »

Quick trick for when there just isn’t enough light to get your photograph


Raw files are good for a lot of reasons, and one of the most useful is allowing you to make full use of your camera’s dynamic range after you take the shot. One place where this comes in handy is when you’re on the edge of having enough light to make an image. Perhaps you don’t have a tripod and your shutter speed is creeping down into motion blur territory, or you’re shooting in the near dark and already have your ISO up as high as you want to go. Read more »

Photographing an Artisan? Focus on their hands

edl_burmesepottery_0008When photographing people, we’re trained to focus on the face, and especially the eyes. Like any other “rule” of photography, though, it doesn’t always apply. In particular, when you’re capturing someone performing a craft or skill, the skill itself becomes a key part of the image. In the case of this woman potter who was kind enough to let us photograph her throwing a pot, her hands are what drew my attention. They moved smoothly and confidently, clearly the result of years of being a master potter – her village is famous throughout Myanmar (Burma) for its pots, which are highly-prized both there and throughout Asia. Read more »