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Making Sense out of Sensor Sizes

--by David Cardinal

It has become almost impossible to actually figure out how big a sensor is, or how long a lens is, just by glancing at the specs. For most of the photography industry, for many decades, 35mm was more or less the norm. By definition that meant a standard size film negative, about 35mm by 24mm – corresponding to today’s “full frame” sensors – and a simple measurement of focal length for lenses could be read right of the lens as a result. Read more »

How to Introduce Children to 3D Photography by Adam Leavi

Would you like to sneak an interest in photography into your child’s life?

If you would, the Nintendo 3DS may be just what you need. With a recent price cut and many retailers are falling over one another to sell at a lower price, this is a great time to get your hands on a cheap 3DS. Read more »

Protecting Your Images: Why Watermarking Matters and How to Do It Easily

Cheetah_WatermarkedKeeping up with all the ways images can be stolen sometimes seems like a losing battle. For each mechanism to prevent un-authorized downloading of copyrighted images there is a workaround quickly found by thieves. Through it all one fairly simple technique has stood the test of time—Watermarking. This was driven home again this week. Let’s talk about why you may want to watermark your images and about how you can do it easily without getting  in the way of legitimate sales… Read more »

Sweat The Details in Your Photos: What a Difference A Shadow Can Make

bi_gfwoodpkr_0487There is a lot to keep in mind when you are photographing any moving subject, especially wildlife. Your choice of subject, background, composition and most importantly the light. And then there is the waiting for the moment of action and a pose which creates interest. But even with all that in place little things can keep you from getting a great photo… Read more »

A Gray Owl for A Gray Morning

_djc9014We had some early clouds on our South Texas Photo Safari this morning so I decided to take advantage of the very even light to see if I could get some good shots of an Eastern Screech Owl that nests near where we were shooting. Not only do owls seem to be more cooperative on gray days but the fact that the owl’s hole faced North wouldn’t matter so much since the clouds would scatter the light just about evenly all over.