Image Cataloging

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Concerned about the “rent-only” future of Photoshop: Consider Elements instead

Photoshop Elements 12 - ET Editors' Choice featured imageFor some of us Photoshop is practically ingrained in our blood at this point, and we use its esoteric features enough that biting the bullet and signing up for a Cloud subscription to get continued access isn’t that hard a decision. But for many (perhaps most) Photoshop users, the program has more features than they need, and is much harder to use than it needs to be to do what they want. For them, Adobe’s own Photoshop Elements is a great alternative. I’ve just completed a hands-on review of Elements for Extremetech, where it received one of the site’s first Editor’s Choice awards. If you’re curious about what you’re missing, read the review, and then remember you can buy Elements for under $90 from Amazon or from B&H – not much more than a the price of a filter for your lens. Read more »

Image Management for Photographers: A How To Series for those serious about digital imaging

Lesson #1: Learning DigitalPro, Lesson #2: Image Uploading & Reviewing, Lesson #3: Image Filing, Lesson #4: Image Keywording, Lesson #5: Image Preparation & Finishing, Lesson #6: Image Submissions, Lesson #7: Image Storage

Organizing your Digital Images: The Science and Art of Image Cataloging & Image Management

Every new digital photographer starts out b being excited at how easy it is to retrieve their images compared to digging them out of slide files or shoeboxes. Then, as the number of image files on their computer grows from hundreds to thousands and tens of thousands the sobering reality sets in. Just because it is on your disk doesn't mean you can find it again. The process of tagging and organizing your images is most often referred to as image cataloging. In this issue we'll speed you through the essentials of setting up a process for cataloging your images and also give you some quick tips about how to use the new image cataloging capability in DigitalPro3 (now even more is possible with DigitalPro 6!) to accomplish your goals.--David Cardinal Read more »