Landscape Photography

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Using Infrared to improve your color photos: Cutting through fog

Russian Ridge View in Fog with IR Layer OverlayInfrared is its own special kind of photography, and can provide plenty of really great images on its own. In addition to making great images of temples and landscapes, Infrared images can also be a tool to improve your color photographs. Currently the techniques in this article are a little advanced, and require some fairly specialized camera hardware, but if they catch on then it is only a matter of time before they are embedded in popular cameras and software solutions. In the meantime, for those willing to do some extra work, the result can be seemingly impossible photographs. Read more »

Tips on photographing the upcoming Orionid meteor shower

Some of you may have already heard about, or be tracking the ongoing Orionid meteor shower, especially those of you in the Bay Area where quite a large one caused a stir earlier this week. If you're up for photographing it, I've packed a bunch of advice on gear and techniques into an article for Do remember that even in clear-sky areas like the SF Bay, fog can be a problem, so count on more than one night of attempts if you want to have a good chance of getting some images. Have fun, and if you have results or tips to share, please let us in on them, either here or on the ET site. Read more »

Pro Tip: Setting the scene with a flight shot

_djc1740When we usually think of flight shots we think of birds against a gorgeous blue sky. Sure, those are classic, but showing a bird’s environment can be even more dramatic. In the case of Horned Puffins, which live in the cold seas off Alaska, the snow-covered mountains ringing the coast make a great backdrop. Unfortunately, with the traditional background-isolating technique of wide-open aperture, any mountains caught in the frame would be blurred beyond recognition. Fortunately we had plenty of opportunities to capture colorful horned and tufted puffins in flight on our recent Alaska bear and puffin photo safari. Read more »

Nikon D800e: Awesome tool for environmental portraits


The super-high resolution of the Nikon D800e isn’t useful just for studio photographers, or even pure landscape shooters. Every nature and travel photographer also has a need for environmental portraits – those iconic images that combine portraits of animals or people with their surroundings to create a sense of place…. Read more »

City Canyons: When Perspective Matters

pl_manhattan_0010Photographs taken at extreme angles—particularly up at tall structures—often look awkward and can make the buildings appear as if they are falling over. This is because when we are part of the scene our eyes and brain correct for the odd perspective and “see” the buildings with their natural shape. But once we are looking at a photograph we don’t have that frame of reference and the buildings and other structures simply appear tilted or mis-shapen. Expensive Perspective Control (PC) and Tilt/Shift lenses have been created to help. However, in addition to being large and expensive PC lenses are usually of limited functionality, without zoom capabilities or stabilization in many cases.