Landscape Photography

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Grand Canyon: North Rim or South Rim?

Having been to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon before we decided to spend a few days at the North Rim this trip. Especially since we are traveling in June which we knew would be packed full in both places. For those considering a trip there and wondering which to visit if you don’t have time for both here are our thoughts… 

Grand Canyon North Rim looking at Transept CanyonGrand Canyon North Rim looking at Transept Canyon

Landscape Photography, It's All About Contrast

I was fortunate to be the guest shooter at this week's Digital Landscape Workshop in Yosemite. The theme for the week wound up being contrast. Both the use of contrast in landscape images and the contrasting shooting styles of co-hosts Moose Peterson and Vincent Versace were showcased. Proper understanding and use of contrast--perhaps more familiar as tone or gamma, but in any case the relationship between light and dark in an image--is essential for mastering landscape photography. We'll spend some time in this issue of DigitalPro Shooter (DPS) helping you understand how it can work for and against you, as well as how you can learn to master it. We'll also provide some key practical information I've gleaned from extensive shooting with the D2H and a couple days with the D70. Read more »