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Captivated! by Moose’s Magnum Opus of Wildlife Photography

There is no more accomplished photographer of North American wildlife than Moose Peterson. Fortunately for all of us there is also no other photographer as generous at sharing their hard won knowledge as Moose.

Using Curves

by Mike Russell, exclusive to nikondigital.org, March 2006

Curves are the most powerful way to alter the values of an image.  Most image editing programs, including Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, and Picture Window Pro support curves.  In this article, I'll cover the basics of curves. Then I'd like to show you some things you can do with curves that will improve your images.

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Copyright Registration Made Easy

by James Cavanaugh for nikondigital.org, March 2006

Copyright law in the United States grants copyright to the creator (photographer, illustrator, writer, artist, etc.) at the moment of creation. Under the Copyright law’s intent, full legal protection is also granted at that moment. However, the law’s intent and the realities of the legal system leave creators without any real protection unless they take the additional step of registering their work with the United States Copyright Office. Read more »