meteor shower

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Got one: Orionid meteor breaking up, big show tonight

ev_orionids_20120001After three nights of leaving the camera out aimed at the Orion constellation, using the tips I wrote about earlier in the week, I finally snagged a nice image of a meteor breaking up as it nears earth (or at least I’m assuming that’s what it is, unless something else really strange was happening). I simply had my Nikon D600 on its tripod, with the intervalometer set to 20 second exposures at f/4, ISO 400. The image you see is cropped, as I had my lens set wide at 24mm to get as many sightings as possible. Read more »

Tips on photographing the upcoming Orionid meteor shower

Some of you may have already heard about, or be tracking the ongoing Orionid meteor shower, especially those of you in the Bay Area where quite a large one caused a stir earlier this week. If you're up for photographing it, I've packed a bunch of advice on gear and techniques into an article for Do remember that even in clear-sky areas like the SF Bay, fog can be a problem, so count on more than one night of attempts if you want to have a good chance of getting some images. Have fun, and if you have results or tips to share, please let us in on them, either here or on the ET site. Read more »