Moose Peterson

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Captured by Moose Peterson

Authors@Google poster advertising Moose Peterson's TalkLorrie and I spent a great day yesterday with our good friends Sharon & Moose Peterson. Moose was in town to give a talk at Google, where he kept a good-sized crowd glued to their seats with tales of his adventures as a conservation-minded wildlife photographer. As always, his images of critters – and many from his new passion of aviation photography – were the highlights of the talk. Read more »

Captivated! by Moose’s Magnum Opus of Wildlife Photography

There is no more accomplished photographer of North American wildlife than Moose Peterson. Fortunately for all of us there is also no other photographer as generous at sharing their hard won knowledge as Moose.

My Day with Moose & Joe

One of the downsides of being a nature photographer is limited opportunities to socialize. There's no water cooler at the office. So it's always fun when I get a chance to shoot with some of my friends. I was fortunate today to spend the day with Moose Peterson and Joe McNally while they co-lead their landscape workshop in San Francisco with Laurie Excell and Kevin Dobler. Their DLWS series has become immensely popular. I was fortunate to co-teach the very first one with Moose in Moab many years ago but now there is quite a large team at each one and the events are longer and better than ever...

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