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Some new ways to enhance the color of your wildlife photos

David Cardinal: Making the Color in Your Wildlife Images Pop Using Some Contrast-Enhancing ToolsThere are plenty of tools to work directly on the color of your images. Many photographers don’t realize that you can often also enhance color by working on contrast.

Google slashes prices on nik Software: A bargain now at $149 for everything!

Perhaps the biggest knock against nik’s plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom has been their price. At a couple hundred bucks a pop, buying the full suite could cost you as much as buying Photoshop itself. Read more »

nik’s Detail Extractor: For when spot metering just won’t cut it

EDL_InleLake_Fishermen_1960Unless you only shoot models in a studio, you’ve no doubt run into a lighting situation your camera just can’t handle. A very common one is a shaded subject in a bright environment. There are two classic ways to deal with the situation. First is flash. Of course, that only works if the subject is close enough and you have the right flash(es) to achieve the desired effect. The second, which I’ve often used at sporting events where the contestants are wearing caps, is to spot meter on the subject. But sometimes, like in the case of this Inthar fisherman in Myanmar, neither of those approaches will work. I’d really like to capture his wonderful facial expressions, but not lose the rendering of the background. If I spot meter for his shadowed face, I’ll blow out the scenery and even much of his fishing gear. Fortunately there is another solution… Read more »