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Epson Wide-format Printer Great Deal: Epson 4880 for $900!

(EDIT September, 2010: There is now just the $500 rebate active.)

Epson has added a $350 rebate to their $500 rebate on the Epson 4880. With the printer priced under $1800 at many retailers including B&H, that brings the net price of the printer to about $900. Since it ships with about $400 worth of ink, that means the printer is only about $500 net. A great value if you're looking for a modern large format (up to 17" wide) printer with a roll feeder. I purchased one today. To get one from B&H click here.

Profiling Your Printer

Leopard Hunting
Hunting Leopard Okavango Delta, Botswana Nikon D2H, 70-200mm AF-S/VR

Printing Great Color:
Profiling your Printer with Colorvision PrintFIX PRO

A crucial and too frequently overlooked step in every photographer's workflow is printing images with great color. Until now the process of profiling a printer has been somewhat arcane and very expensive. High end profiling packages like Profilemaker, when combined with the needed hardware, can cost several thousand dollars. Read more »