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Creating pro-quality slideshows on the go with Proshow Web

imageAs regular readers know, I’ve been putting together the pieces of a easy-to-travel-with “digital darkroom” based on a tablet and software. I’ve written about how a tablet with Photoshop Touch can do a great job of processing images, but was still missing a good solution for creating awesome slideshows without a computer. Fortunately, Photodex, makeers of my favorite desktop slideshow software Proshow Producer, has been hard at work at an excellent version you can use over the web.

Pro-quality slideshows come to the iPad: Photodex launches ProShow Web for iOS

You've always been able to show off your ProShow slideshows on your iPhone and iPad (or any other mobile device), but now thanks to a new application from our partner Photodex, you can create them on your iOS device as well. ProShow Web for iOS has plenty of built-in features, including effects, themes and transitions, and integrates with popular online sharing sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. I haven't had a chance to try it yet and will write more about it when I do, but in the meantime you can read all the details below... Read more »

Showing your Images in Style

One of the most powerful features in Proshow is Slide Styles. With a single click they let you add some snap to your images with unique treatments ranging from professional scrolling captions to photo album like layouts and other professional effects. Not content to rest on their initial set of styles, Photodex has released a pack of add-on Styles for Proshow for the bargain price of $20. I didn't understand the value of styles until Amanda from Photodex demoed them to me at PMA. Now I'm a big fan. I used a couple on my first Death Valley slideshow, but to demonstrate a little more of their power I've uploaded a new Death Valley Video to YouTube (it's in HD, so definitely try it out with YouTube's new HD option!). Read more »