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Some raptors are friendlier than others–”rehab” Harris Hawk

_djc1228cWe took a break from songbird photography this morning during our workshop at BCNA for a great session with John Carter and some of the raptors he works with at Last Chance Forever. These are birds that are either imprinted on humans or for some other reason can never be released. He brings them to schools for educational programs – and out to let us photograph them from time to time. This Harris Hawk was getting some “flying time” while she was out, and decided that my camera made a great perch for her. Fortunately neither claws nor sharp beak took advantage of the camera, and the bird was polite enough not to soil it. It made for a fun moment, though!

Giving Raptors a Future – Photography with Last Chance Forever

In addition to all the great songbird photography we had during our Texas Hill Country photo safari we had a special treat when John Karger of Last Chance Forever, a raptor rehabilitation foundation, brought four magnificent animals to pose and even fly for us. As my friend know I’m very careful about any photography of captive animals. It’s easy for them to be mis-treated or bred for photography once money is involved. But Last Chance Forever works strictly with raptors they are trying to rehabilitate after some accident or mis-treatment (usually unintentional) by a well-meaning “pet” owner...