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City Canyons: When Perspective Matters

pl_manhattan_0010Photographs taken at extreme angles—particularly up at tall structures—often look awkward and can make the buildings appear as if they are falling over. This is because when we are part of the scene our eyes and brain correct for the odd perspective and “see” the buildings with their natural shape. But once we are looking at a photograph we don’t have that frame of reference and the buildings and other structures simply appear tilted or mis-shapen. Expensive Perspective Control (PC) and Tilt/Shift lenses have been created to help. However, in addition to being large and expensive PC lenses are usually of limited functionality, without zoom capabilities or stabilization in many cases.

You’re Never Too Old for a Ghost Town!

After our very disappointing experience in Deadwood—former ghost town turned into the worst of Vegas—we were apprehensive about the final stop on our tour of the West—Bodie. Bodie is known as something of the grand-daddy of all ghost towns in the American West, with over 200 standing structures, many of them in excellent repair. But we saddled up and headed down the dirt road to the State Park, with the literature assuring us that the town had been kept in a stat of “arrested decay” since it became a California State Park in 1962. We were blown away…


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Sour Grapes – A Morning in the Vineyard

When most of us think of pictures of grapes we conjure up visions of large, plump fruit with an attractive sheen of moisture. But early in the season at the vineyard grapes are tiny little pods of green seeds. So when I spent the morning photographing a local vineyard I had to think of a different way to draw attention to them…

Infrared Saves the Day (Again)

Even though I’ve had an Infrared converted D70 for over a year (converted for me by LifePixel, who I highly recommend) but I am still amazed by how differently some scenes appear in Infrared. In particular, the worse the light often the better the IR. This morning once again my IR camera saved a portion of my shoot…

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