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David featured by PC Mag in "What do you carry?"

David Cardinal along with some of his favorite travel gearDavid has been featured by PC Magazine in their "Connected Traveler" section. You can read about his travel exploits, what he carries and why, as well as how he gets it all where he is going online at their site. If you'd like to join him on one of his trips, he has a pair of great ones to photograph grizzly bears and puffins in Alaska coming up in July, and one to Botswana later this year.

Photo Ethics In The Field: My New Posting on B&H Insights Blog

There is a lot of discussion about the ethics of altering images in Photoshop. But even more important is how we as photographers act in the field. There are many ethical issues which arise whether you're doing travel, nature or wildlife photography.

David & Lorrie’s Travel Clothing and Accessories

These are items that we either rely on personally in my travels or have been picked out for our clients by the experienced travel pros at Edward’s Luggage, a local family owned chain of four travel and luggage stores here in the Bay Area. It is by no means complete but I’ll be adding to it and expanding it as new products come to my attention:


For trips involving small planes it is essential to use duffel type bags.

Grand Canyon: North Rim or South Rim?

Having been to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon before we decided to spend a few days at the North Rim this trip. Especially since we are traveling in June which we knew would be packed full in both places. For those considering a trip there and wondering which to visit if you don’t have time for both here are our thoughts… 

Grand Canyon North Rim looking at Transept CanyonGrand Canyon North Rim looking at Transept Canyon

Natural Bridges, Utah: Today’s Hidden Gem

While my daughter Annie and I travel around the West visiting parks and historic sites we like to make sure and find one or two lesser known parks on each of our travel days. Annie is particularly good at finding these and yesterday was no exception, with a great slot canyon hike at Capitol Reefs and a quick visit to Natural Bridges National Monument, a true hidden gem…

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